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Bibs limited to 500 copies for quality

INDIVIDUAL RATE: €65 until February 2, 2024 - €75 from February 3, 2024

RELAY RATE: €80 until February 2, 2024 - €90 from February 3, 2024

There is no waiting list. only canceled bibs will be put back on sale.


SUNDAY MAY 5, 2024:

Swimming in the lake: 1.5 km

Bike: 46 km in 1 loop
Running: 10 km in 2 loops

The distribution of bibs and the deposit of bikes will only take place on the morning of the race

08h00: Welcome and collection of bibs 

8 a.m.: Opening of the bike park 

9:45 a.m.: Closing of the bike park and briefing

10:00 a.m.: Departure M/F elites
10:05 a.m.: Start of the age group Men up to 39 years old
10:10 a.m.: Departure for age group Men from 40 years old
10:15 a.m.: Women's age group start Relay start

2:30 p.m.: Awards ceremony


If you are a FFTRI licensee, don't forget to bring your license number to fill in the registration form.

For this event, there are events for which, if you are not licensed, you must upload your medical certificates (pdf, jpg...) during the registration process. We therefore invite you to prepare these documents before starting to register.



1st Man and 1st Woman:Prize money 250€
2nd Man and 2nd Woman:Prize money 150€

3rd Man and 3rd Woman:Prize money 100€

Bundles for 3rd Veterans

Prizes for the 1st Men's, Women's and Mixed team in relay

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